The Institute of Systems Motor Science is involved in the curricular teaching of the departments of medicine, psychology, physiotherapy, medical technology and MINT.

Bedside teaching

Medical technology

Elective subject
Non-invasive brain stimulation
This elective’s subject is a hands-on-course for Bachelor students of psychology. In addition to a theoretical understanding of the mode of action and application of non-invasive brain stimulation, students should acquire the ability to use transcranial electrical and magnetic stimulation (TMS) safely and accurately. Short lectures at the beginning of each course, as well as associated teaching materials for self-study, should also provide a basic understanding and judgment of scientific stimulation studies in this research area.

Centre for Rare Diseases Lübeck
Together with the Lübeck Centre for Rare Diseases (‚Zentrum für Seltene Erkrankungen‘, ZSE) we offer an elective subject on the topic 'rare diseases‘.
This is aimed at students of medicine or psychology.