Out-Patient Clinics

 The Institute of Systems Motor Science is also engaged in the care of patients with movement disorders and neuropsychiatric diseases of all ages as well as patients with rare and unclear neurological diseases.

Our main focus in childhood includes tics / Tourette's syndrome, dystonia or spasticity,  unclear movement disorders and rare neurological / neurogenetic syndromes. Affected children are cared for by our team together with colleagues from the Department of Pediatrics and the Institute of Human Genetics.

Main foci in adulthood are rare movement disorders and neuropsychiatric diseases, e.g. ataxia, atypical Parkinson syndromes, Huntington's disease, tics and Tourette's syndrome and functional disorders. We care for these patients together with colleagues from the Department of Neurology and the Centre for Integrative Psychiatry.

For all out-patients appointments we have a coordinating central secretariat, through which registration or consultation can be arranged:

Ms Maike Dümcke-Zilian
phone: 0451 3101 8215
fax: 0451 3101 8225
email: maike.duemcke-zilian(at)neuro.uni-luebeck.de

Patients or relatives with suspected or confirmed Huntington's disease may contact our Huntington Centre straight away: 

Ms Jenny Schmalfeld
phone: 0451 3101 8214 or
            0451 500 43499
fax: 0451 3101 43454
email: jenny.schmalfeld(at)neuro.uni-luebeck.de

If you have a request concerning the Lübeck Centre for Rare Diseases, please contact us:

Ms Kirstin Krüger
phone: 0451 500 43452
fax: 0451 3101 43454
email: zse(at)uksh.de