Huntington Centre Lübeck

We are a certified Huntington's Centre and offer you and your relatives a specialized out-patient clinic for Huntington's disease at the Centre for Rare Diseases / Department of Neurology.

For many years, we have put great emphasis on the holistic care of our patients and their families. Our team consists of colleagues with many years of experience, who respond to your special needs and questions with expertise, commitment and empathy.
In addition to the best possible medical care, the main focus is on support for therapeutic procedures such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy in order to maintain your existing resources and independence as well as possible. Furthermore, we offer you and your family, within the framework of social counselling, support in application procedures for, among other things, severely handicapped persons, degree of care or household support, and to accompany them.

We have been working closely and confidentially with the Institute of Human Genetics for decades, so that we are able to support you in your desire for genetic counselling, e.g. in testing for the presence of the Huntington mutation or in the desire for children. In addition, for many years there has been close cooperation with the AMEOS Clinic Heiligenhafen and the GPS residential and care facility Itzehoe, which specialized treating and care for patients with Huntington's disease.

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Our Huntington consulting hours take place by individual appointment on Tuesday between 10 am and 3 pm.
Please plan 1 to 1.5 hours for the appointment.

Please contact:

phone: 0451 500 43499 oder 0451 3101 8214
(Ms Jenny Schmalfeld)

Your team from the Hunting Centre Lübeck!